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Do you know how long I have been crafting?

I made these gourd swans close to 20 years ago! I started selling at farmers markets and grew everything that would grow in our Ohio soil. These gourds were some of the first crops we had.

Of course, their graceful curved necks made me think of swans or geese, so i cleaned the outer shells, sanded and painted them. (I did not know how to do these things at that time, so i was a frequent visitor at the local library)

The gourds were uneven on the bottom, and needed assistance to stand up. My handy and handsome hubby cut small wooden slabs for me to put underneath them with glue and moss. Voila! They were able to stand on their own!

I took them to my very first craft show to sell. My first customer to come to my booth fell in love with them. This customer happened to be my sister, so i gave them to her for her Christmas present. (so much for making money at the show!). Every year I get to see them again when I visit her house.

Maybe I should grow gourds again! What are you growing in 2024?

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